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We read Java, .Net, HTML5 and many other programming languages a lot; now let’s work with PHP and Python. I don’t know more about both, Just started my Reading. Sharing my first Study with you, find out which one is suitable for you OR which one is better for you.
Both languages have different purposes and history, and it is not fair to compare. I am writing the things I like about both of them.


·         Syntax and standard library: I LOVE the readability of Python syntax. The standard Python library ships with a great set of tools and utilities.
·         General purpose: Python can be run on the servers, to build applications and in many other places.
·         Elegant: Python has an elegant language design which makes it much easier to write great code.
·         Unicode support: Python has great support for Unicode.
·         Modular and definitive: Python is less quirky compared to PHP.

·         Forgiving: PHP is one of the most ‘freeform’ languages I have used, probably comparable only to Javascript.
·         Easier learning curve: You can quickly start coding in PHP with a basic understanding or experience of programming. This was the main purpose PHP was created to serve. This also helps in faster development.
·         Hobbyist-compliant: The code doesn’t need to be elegant for it to work. I think this is the biggest reason for it to have become the most popular web development language. You can cook up some code in a hurry, and it works.
·         Open source and communities: There is a huge community and open source projects that use PHP. Makes it easy to get support if you run into a roadblock.
·         De-facto language for the web: Majority of the popular web frameworks (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Zend, CodeIgniter, OSCommerce) are built on PHP. Which also makes it very easy to find a web developer who knows PHP.
·         Hosting support: Because of popularity, PHP hosting is supported by almost every provider out there.
·         PHP 5 is actually a huge improvement over the versions before in terms of language design etc.
And my Conclusion says PHP is relatively easier to learn, especially for someone who is not a good programmer. For web development, PHP has many more libraries – the community is (probably) larger. Anything you want to do in the area of web development, there is a good chance that there will be an existing library for it in PHP. For anything new in the area of web development, the first library will show up in PHP and the others (Ruby, Python, Java) will follow later.
(Via Net Solution India)

A Developer Says: “I was a PHP dev for 7 years and now Ruby for 2 and I still say: PYTHON
And My suggestion is if you are from JAVA background please go with Python, otherwise PHP will make you nerdrage.
So After Reading above Points I love Python but fresher will choose PHP, Simple and Smiley Easier.

Keep Reading, Keep Writing , Keep Developing, 

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