By | July 23, 2013
HTML 5 allows you to create forms using the FORM element. This FORM element can be take user inputs by using the input element. In HTML 4, you can create forms that take input data by using the type attribute of the INPUT element but in HTML 5 forms are Web forms are 2.0. In is nothing but only the extension of old form feature. It provides newly added values of type attribute and new attribute of the INPUT element.
Newly added attribute of the FORM element
HTML5 Introduces the following attributes for the form element:
1.      Autocomplete
2.      Novalidate
autocomplete : Specifies that a form’s text field can provide a list of options to automatically fill the field. This means when you start typing in an autocomplete field, the browser displays a list of options that can be filled in the field. You can select an option to automatically fill the content.
Syntax :
<form action=XYZ method=get autocomplete=on>
aovalidate :  Specifies that the form will not be validated when submitted. The following code snippet shows the use of the novalidate attributes.
<form action=ABC novalidate=novalidate>
** ABC and XYZ are the form’s address may be like myform.asp or demo_form.asp .

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