By | January 10, 2013

We are having the best technical future. In the year of 1950’s USA was entertaining with color television and after 30 year we(India) got the fun of Television. This was a big time gap between two Countries on the basis of achievements and development. On the similar way some more interesting inventions was there in 1970’s in USA like Cable Connection and other and in 1990’s same entertaining material was available for fun. Now this time this Time gap was little Small. There so many examples by which we can make a graph which will show the Reducing situation of this time and development Gap. Like Now we are living in 4G (Fourth Generation) Era. It mainly works for Mobile communication. In USA 4G was deployed in 2008 with the Sprint Nextel, while in India it was deployed in April 2012. So this time, time and achievement gap was only 4 years. This is a great achievements for us. We are increasing our Development Stage. This reducing gap is the example of this Development. Yet now days 4G is only working in Kolkata with Airtel. But with our confidence very soon we will deployed in whole country. And I hope Up to launching of 5G we will be at same time Position with other developed Countries, So this is Our Era.

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