By | July 13, 2013
HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, which was released in the end of 2009. HTML5 introduces a number of new elements and Attributes, Like AUDIO , VIDEO, and contentEditable, which allow you to create more interactive Web application and website. It includes new JavaScript APIs that allow you to perform various tasks such as drawing graphics on a webpage, storing data offline and dragging and dropping content.
   New Elements in HTML5:
  • ARTICLE : Shows the independent entry of a blog or magazine.
  • AUDIO : Allows you to embed audio files in a web page.
  • ASIDE : Shows a note, a tip, a sidebar, a parenthetical mark.
  • BDI : Allows you to specify the non-left to right direction for asan text.
  • CANVAS: Provides a canvas on a webpage to draw graphics on it.
  • COMMAND: Stores a command to perform a task.
  • DATALIST : Shows a drop-down list.
  • DETAILS : Shows the details of an item besides its default information.
  • EMBED : Defines external interactive content or plugin-in
  • FIGCAPTION : Shows the caption of the FIGURE element.
  • FIGURE :  Shows a group of Media elements.
  • FOOTER : Shows the footer of a page
  • HEADER : Shows the header of a page
  • HGROUP: Representing a group of headings in a document.
  • KEYGEN : A pair of Key for forms.
  • MARK: Shows highlighted text
  • MENU: Shows a menu bar on a web page.
  • METER: Displays the measurement of a number in a predefined range.
  • NAV : Shows a collection of links related to other Web pages.
  • OUTPUT: Specifies an element that is used to display output.
  • PROGRESS: shows the progress of an ongoing process
  • RP : Dictates the browsers to show the contest when they not support the RUBY element.
  • RT : Shows the details of ruby annotation  
  • RUBY: Shows the characters that define ruby annotation.
  • SECTION: Shows a section or a part of a book
  • SOURCE : Represents a media resource.
  • SUMMERY : Shows the summery of a DETAILS element.
  • TIME: Shows the Date and Time in a webpage.
  • VIDEO: Allows you to embed video in a web page.
  • WBR: Defines a possible line break that can be inserted in a text.

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