By | July 19, 2013
HTML5 also have some new attributes for making interactive design. These attributes enables us to edit the content of a web page. In this you can specify a keyboard shortcut for an element, a context menu or a particular style to represent the data of an element using new attributes:

  • accesskey : Represents a keyboard shortcut to access an element.
  • contenteditable : Specifies whether or not user allowed to edit the content.
  • contextmenu: Represent the context menu for an element.
  • data-yourvalue: Represents user defined attributes that must start with the data text.
  • draggable: Specifies whether or not a user is able to drag an element
  • dropzone : specifies the drop target for a dragged element.
  • hidden : Hide a non-relevant element.
  • spellcheck : specifies the Crammer and Spelling checking feature is enable or not.

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