By | July 30, 2013
 A mail System allows us to send and receive any number of e-mails. You can use the href  attribute pf the elementto set the Email address of a recipient, such as
Let’s create a web page named “mail.html” HTML file to understand this:

In this code we have created a hyperlink, by clicking on which we can go to the reference of local mail system using mailto keyword:

When we click on Email me hyperlink, we will directed to the reference mail message window:

This mail message window shown above allows us to send a mail to named recipient that we have mentioned in the code.

Note:  Here if we want to add CC , BCC , Subject and Body  of the email the Let’s try this Code :

Here we have specified the values of

Subject-C# Corner Event
Body –
C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet was on 20 July 2013.
Thanks and Regards

  Now when we click on ‘Mail me’ hyperlink oh mail2.html then Output will be:

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