Tricks and Tips for Making Effective PPT:- Ankur Mishra

As we know today’s first need is to represent our opinion on any topic. We have many ways for presenting our opinions or we can say these are the ways of communication. Today we use mainly PPT files, Videos and many others for effective communication. I think PPT is most effective way for effective communication. Today we will discuss about good PPT presentation.Starting-
Step1.- Start Microsoft office power-point or other power-points (In Linux etc).
            Click on New. No.
            Now Follow the rule of Given PPT.     Tips and Trips.

Important links For Good Presentation-
1. Good Presentation.
2. Tips
3. Effective Presentation
3. Question
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Let us Start Hacking- Ankur Mishra

“It is said that if you know both
the, enemy and yourself, you will
fight a hundred battles without
danger of defeat; if you are
ignorant of the enemy but only
know yourself, your chances of
winning and losing are equal; if
you know neither the enemy nor
yourself, you will certainly be
defeated in every battle.”

                                    This was said by SUN TZU, Chinese general, circa 500 B.C.
Similerly it happens with Hacking. when we talk about hacking then it needs some steps which are given below-

4.Gaining Access
5.Escalating Privilege
7.Covering Tracks
8.Creating Back Doors
9.Denial of Service.

  These was the essential steps to Hacking.
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